Absolute Belief is the Cure for Fear

Failure is overrated. We’ve created a featureless monster that lives in our brains, just out of sight, that has us convinced that the worst thing in the world is failure. We can’t quite put our finger on why, but we’re certain that there are few things worse than failing.

Try this experiment: think of your most important project. Imagine that it implodes, that your idea fails completely. What happens next?

Innovation isn’t driven by the lucky few who got it right the first time. It’s driven by the people who continue trying after everyone else quits. How do they do that?

Absolute Belief.

Not in a product or an idea or a solution. Absolute belief in a cause. I have no idea if the Intentional 101 class will succeed. I have no idea if the Intentional Academy will succeed. But I am absolutely certain that I have a message of hope for today’s college students, and that I will find a way to get it to them. The belief gives me all I need to keep trying.

Absolute belief is what empowers people to get knocked down 7 times but get up 8.

The Intentional Academy is a free online community for students and recent grads who are trying to get a handle on life and find the cause they can absolutely believe in. Join today using the form at the top of this page.

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