Fear is a powerful (de)motivator

Fear is a powerful motivator. Maybe it’s better to say that fear is a powerful DEmotivator. How many great ideas have we left undone because we were too scared to start?

We’re wired this way. Nature serves us example after example of the safety that comes from blending in. But when you have an idea, create something, and actually ship it? You stand out. That’s a dangerous place indeed.

Except that it isn’t.

Not in this context. Now, the best thing you can do is stand out (for the right reasons). We all have ideas. We all act as if there is some central agency who will double-check us and give us permission to launch. Except there isn’t. You’re free to ship, or not ship.

The next time you have an idea and you’re afraid to share it, or to start making something, think of this: the fear is your brain recognizing that this idea could matter. It could get attention. It could cause you to stand out.

It could matter.

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