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How to Close the Gap Between What You Learn in College and What You Need to Succeed

If you're constantly behind with your schoolwork... if you worry about your finances... if you're anxious about landing a job after you graduate... then this message is just for you.

Here's why...

I'm building a FREE online community for students who want to master time management, take control of their money, and launch their careers. Colleges won't teach you these skills directly, but you can maximize your education by using the content that I want to give you for free.

Beware, there is a cost to disregarding the gap...

If You Ignore this Gap, It Just Gets Worse

What do most people do when facing loads of schoolwork, little to no money, and the need for an internship or full-time job? Nothing. They continue doing the very things that brought them to this place: all-nighters... borrowing money... applying to job after job online... and none of that works!

  • They may get the grade, but they aren't learning anything that will fuel their success later.
  • They're stuck doing schoolwork at all hours instead of enjoying the college experience with friends.
  • They may spend freely today, but they will be forced to take any job they can find to pay the debt bill later.
  • They're forced to choose internships based on income and cost of living instead of whether the work will propel their career.
  • They may have applied to lots of jobs, but get few call backs.
  • They're convinced that the problem is their resume, so they re-write and take on more extra curriculars that ultimately move them farther from their goals.

What happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you've been doing? Nothing. You'll run like a rat in a wheel, without fun or deep learning in college. You'll graduate with a heap of loans to pay and accept any mediocre job that will take you. And when asked, "what happened?", you'll bemoan the rising costs of education and the shrinking job market.

How I Can Help You Close the Gap

I've got an answer that works. Here's the story: A few years ago every problem that I listed in this page described me. I've been stressed about schoolwork, flat broke, and had trouble finding a job I loved (even with my outstanding academic and professional credentials). I decided to change, so I began a journey to learn how to do these things the right way. I learned an awful lot that they don't teach in classrooms: time-management, personal finance, and career-building.

As my friends, and later my students, watched this transformation they asked how I did it. I began coaching people one on one using the tools I learned, with amazing results! 

But most students aren't actually in my class. Most students never get a chance to ask someone for help in these areas. So I had an idea: What if I created an online community for students who had had enough? What if I built a program for people who wanted to actually achieve a return on the investment they've made in their education? What if I published training materials to help students achieve the life of their dreams, rather than the life of default obvious opportunities? 

That's exactly why I am creating the Intentional Academy. 

It Worked For Me,
It Works For My Students,
and It Will Work For You

Here's what Intentionality did for me:

  • I went from unmotivated, aimless student (who even failed a class) to graduating with honors, earning a Masters and Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering!
  • I went from broke and out of control with my money to paying off over $62,000 in 18 months. I went from spreadsheet crunching intern to propulsion engineer!
  • I went from standing in line at career fairs (with no calls for interviews) to turning down offers at the top organizations in my industry so that I could accept my dream job!

Finally, It's Your Turn

When you sign up for the Intentional Academy for free today, you'll join me and a like-minded community of students who are tired of business as usual. This community is in its infancy and you can be a Founding Member. As a Founding Member you'll gain access to training materials, classes, and other exclusive benefits to help you...

Manage Your Time

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Get Control of Your Money

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Launch Your Career

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Did I mention that it\'s FREE!? For a limited time you can join as a Founding Member. As the Academy takes shape your status will give you a front row seat to its growth. You\'ll act as a \"board member\" to provide input on the foundation of the Academy. You\'ll also gain early access to new material, priority enrollment, sneak peaks, and more! Don\'t wait, because when the community goes live, this offer evaporates. 

As a special thank-you, I\'ll give you a copy of my eBook Break Free | 4 Tactics Top Performing Students Use to Eliminate Stress, as a free gift today.

In case you\'re wondering, there\'s no risk to you. Everything I\'m offering you today is completely free. If you decide you don\'t like hearing from me via the occasional email, you can simply unsubscribe. No hard feelings.

It's Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you've been doing, or worse, do nothing at all. You know where that will lead. High stress. No learning. No money. Settling for any job you can land. Is that really where you want to end up? If you want a better result, you've got to take better action. You can finally get the support you need to change the trajectory of your college experience.

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Did I mention that this is all FREE?

Here's to your success!