New ways to make money as a student

One of the scariest things we can do is step out on our own. It’s much more comfortable to follow the pack, to take advantage of the same opportunities that we’ve been taking advantage of for years.

Let me ask a question to drive home the point: imagine you’re a broke college student in need of some part-time work. What do you do?

Here’s a typical list: retail jobs (clerk, bagger, stocker), labor (construction, auto repair, landscaping), or on-campus jobs (dining hall, library, tutoring center, research assistant).

What’s interesting about this list is that it hasn’t changed.

I worked at one of each of these jobs as a student 10 years ago. My parents had these jobs in the 70’s, my grandparents in the 50’s.

Yet the jobs themselves have changed. We’ve been perfecting these processes for a century. We’ve figured out how to squeeze every last drop of value out of them. What this means for you is that they pay as little as possible.

So why do we flock to these jobs? They’re easy to get.

If you hadn’t noticed, the internet has changed everything.

Here are some new part-time jobs you could have: copywriter, editor, web designer, graphic designer, social media marketer, app developer.

Are there full-timers with experience and degrees dominating these markets? Sure. Can you compete? Not directly.

But there are a whole lot of motivated part-timers. And thank goodness: small fledgling companies can’t afford the big dogs. You could make great money doing these things if you just spent a little time hunting for opportunities with your social network and favorite search engine.

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