No, Really. This is How to Decide the Rest of Your Life.

Yesterday I shared some important statistics that should have helped reduce the pressure you’re putting on yourself over the big decisions: what major? Where to intern? Where to work after you graduate? If you’re in school right now, you were likely raised by the “company man” generation: go to work for the same company for your entire career.

Those days are gone.

Ok. Pressure off. But how do you decide!?

Most importantly, don’t start where everyone else does: by asking what’s available.

When you start a search for a field of study, an internship, or a job, it can be tempting to rush to the internet and start looking for options. This is a terrible idea!!

What percentage of retail sales took place via the internet last year? Less than ten. Are you shocked? We’re surrounded by the internet, but that immersion is creating a false sense of reality. Don’t let that lens blind you as you plan your life.

A recent study showed that over 70% of the open jobs in this country are NOT listed online.

This means that if you search for openings as a way to decide what you want to become, you’re focused on 30% of the options out there. Not great.Don’t believe me? Try this: I spent a decade dreaming of becoming a university professor. I took extra classes in grad school to earn the “Future Professor” certificate, which included a survey of academic jobs presented by the highest level administrator in the graduate school. I didn’t just study the business I wanted to be in; I studied how to study the business I wanted to be in.Yet, I didn’t know the type of position that I currently hold existed until the month I accepted the job offer. Ten years of hunting and I landed a dream job I’d never heard of. Do you think you know your industry better?

What to do instead? Know yourself.

As I searched, I spent a lot of time reflecting. Looking back, I KNEW that my current position was my dream, even though I didn’t know it existed. Which made it pretty easy to decide on when I finally found it.

Tomorrow I’ll give details on how you can do the same.

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