How to Decide the Rest of Your Life

We’re eight weeks into the Fall semester, which means you’ve got some big choices to make. If you’re a first-year student, it’s time to get serious about choosing a major. Sophomores and Juniors: you should be looking for a summer internship. And seniors? You need to decide where you’ll be working when you graduate and join the “real world.”

Each of these decisions feels enormous.

And they are. But don’t decide from a place of fear. Stress and fear limit your deeper-thinking abilities. I know, that advice doesn’t help much. But maybe the numbers will:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker will have 10 different jobs by age forty. [1]
  • Sylvester Stallone worked in a deli when he was thirty. [1]
  • Only 27% of college graduates have jobs that are closely related to their major [2]

Are you deciding the rest of your life? No.

You’re just deciding the broad direction of the next step of your journey.

No matter which choice you currently face, consider yourself in the “door opening” business. Eventually you’ll find one you want to walk through. Until then, enjoy the exploration.

The only real mistake you can make is putting off the hunt because it scares you or because you think you’re too busy.

Questions? Thoughts?

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[1] stats quoted in “EntreLeadership” by Dave Ramsey.

[2] based on 2010 census data, analyzed here:

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