Crunch Time

Well, we’re here. This week marks the middle of the Fall 2017 semester. How are things going? My guess is that you’ve had a few homework assignments, a few quizzes. Between last week, this week, and next week you’ll have an exam in all of your classes. The rose-colored glasses are off: the semester started so hopeful and exciting, and now it’s a battle just to get it all done.

Do you remember the day that you made the mental switch from “trying to learn” to “trying to finish”? Do you remember the first time you did “grade math” to decide what you’d work on next? One small decision at a time, the goal shifted from learning to grades.

I’ve been there. I noticed it happen to me every semester. This thing that started so exciting, so full of passion and inspiration – now it’s just s grind. This week, I’m going to help you get back to “the good place.”

Here’s where it starts: realize that you cannot manage results.

You can only manage actions. Therefore, do the actions that naturally lead to the results you’re after.

The keyword is “naturally.” You can lose weight while eating ice cream and cookies every day – you’ll just have to exercise that much harder.

You can get good grades by pulling all nighters and cramming for midterms – but not naturally.

Think of a time you learned something tricky. What were the actions you performed to do that? Replicate them now.

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