Which Way Should I Go Next?

One area that I need to grow in is execution, or finishing things I start. It’s not that I take on a responsibility and then fail to deliver. But, I often finish things by grinding them out, just getting it done. Where did the intesty go? Why does it die out before the amazing thing I’m working on is finished?

Jon Acuff says in every relationship there is a “wow” person and a “how” person. Can you guess which I am?

I have more ideas in a day than I can write down. And every one of them is going to be a hit. If only I had the time to actually do them all!

No, not really. Time has nothing to do with it. The truth is that dreams are a lot easier to create than goals are. Remember that map from earlier this week? Dream. Vision. Mission. Goals. Action.

I am great at the Dream part.

On the most exciting ideas I am pretty good at drilling them down to a Vision. Then I stop thinking and start doing. I fail to refine the Vision into a Mission, the Mission into Goals.

When I act, I tend to run in 15 different directions. I get worn out before I make the thing I was imagining. Then I stubbornly double down on the effort and just make something. It never looks like the Dream, but at least it works.

If you’re having trouble making progress, locate yourself on the map.

  • Are you high up in Dream/Vision Land? Then the best work you can do is clarifying your Mission and setting some Goals.
  • Are you bogged down in to-do’s? Then take a step back and revisit the reason you’re doing this. What’s the end Goal?

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