The Tools to Act

The Intentional Academy is a community of people committed to changing the way we look at our Time, Money, and Careers. We believe in hard work, but not overwork. We know that our finances reflect our quality of life, not the other way around. Our goal at work is to add incredible value, making ourselves indispensible. Overarching all of this, we know that the fastest way to succeed is to serve people by meeting their needs.

The community we’re building will support each other in this pursuit. But we need resources if we’re to succeed. What kind of resources? I’ll start with my own journey.

When I realized I needed to change,

I went straight to the books (shocking move for an academic). Next, I realized I needed daily support and so I started listening to podcasts. Finally, I attended some webinars.

I’m about to list some ideas I have. Hopefully you’ve gotten to know me well enough to see my heart behind the ideas: I want to help, by creating content that is actually helpful in a format that you actually want to digest.

Here’s where you come in.

What are you looking for? Here’s a list of ideas, and I’d love your feedback:

  • A 6-week online course covering the basics of time, money, and career (I’m actually wrapping up the first round of this and the members are loving it!)
  • A book based on the content of the 6-week course
  • 2 hour workshops diving into specific topics. For example, a course about regaining control in the middle of the semester, or about how to hunt for a job.
  • An exclusive group that gives you a small daily task that will move you forward
  • A membership site with access to all of the above, plus seminars by me and other guests (clearly the content would grow over time)

So what do you think? The most important part remains the community. That’s where the action is. That’s where lives are changing. Come join us for free using the form on this page.

Also PLEASE leave a comment, right here, telling me what you think about my ideas. Which would you like first?

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