My Goal in Life is to Be Average. Here’s Why.

The most important answer to the question, “What is the Intentional Academy?” is COMMUNITY. Why? Let’s ask Jim Rohn:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Like it or not, you are part of a community. Not just any community, but one centered around you. Think of it as a Venn Diagram. What you may not realize is how much that community affects you.

Let me ask a question to prove my point. If you have an idea, who do you run it by? Can you think of a time in which you had a creative, hare-brained idea, but the people around you called it crazy? A recent study showed that first-generation college students have HALF the graduation rate of students who had at least one parent with a college degree. Why? Because when someone whose parent(s) graduated struggles, the message in the back of their head is, “get to work!” Meanwhile, first-generation students hear “maybe this isn’t for you.”

The people you listen to determine what you accept as truth (at least what you most easily accept as truth).

So who are you surrounded with? Are your loser friends certain that “the little guy can’t get ahead”? Or that you’ll be paying student loans for the rest of your life? Or that your dream job is out of reach? Do the people in your life buy your excuses?

Or are you surrounded by winners? When I look around me, my greatest hope is that I can become the average of the people in my life – they’re excellent.

That’s the core of the Intentional Academy: a community of people to surround yourself with – people who will raise the bar on your average and support you as you grow.

It’s free to join using the form on this page, and we can’t wait to have you!

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