The shortcut to Loser-ville

Last week I talked about cars, and how to own one without damaging your future. I received several responses that sounded like:

“I deserve to drive a nice car. I work hard.”

I hate to break it to you, but working hard doesn’t grant you an exception to grade school arithmetic. If you deserved a nice car, you’d have the money to buy one.

You don’t deserve nice things because you WORK hard.

You deserve them because you WORKED hard.

If you want to spend the rest your life as a loser keep talking about what you deserve.

If you want to spend the rest of your life broke, keep up the entitlement attitude.

If you want to be in the upper 5%, do what 95% of people aren’t willing to!

You don’t deserve anything because you work hard. You deserve things because you worked hard.

I’ll do you one better: eliminate the words “I deserve it” from your vocabulary. They’re usually a justification for a purchase you know you shouldn’t make anyhow.

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