Prep Week

Today is my first day back to work as a university professor after a 7 week break. I spent that time on a road trip, visiting friends and family (and doing a little rock climbing). Now I have 1 week until classes start. This week is dedicated to preparation.

I love prep week. It’s a time to reimagine old ideas. It’s a time to create new ideas. But most importantly, it’s a time to get the systems in place that will cause me to succeed all semester. What types of systems? I have 4:

  • My morning ritual
  • My time budget
  • My ideal week
  • My todo list

I’ll spend the rest of the week telling you all about them. For now, I’d like to challenge you:

In a world of busyness and work and never-ending todo lists it can be hard to step back and look at the big picture. Some of us are fortunate to be in jobs that naturally cycle and lend themselves to prep weeks and reflective times. Others are in a place where the grind never seems to stop.

 So here’s the challenge: set your own cycle.

ind a time every so often (I recommend twice a year) to slow down and evaluate where you are and where you’re headed. Are the things you do all day taking you where you want to go?

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