A Myth About College that’s Limiting Your Success

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Intentional 101 starts by debunking 7 Myths about college. Whether you’re a student or not, these common false beliefs limit your success. The sooner you learn to recognize them and how to respond, the faster you can separate yourself from the herd.

One of these myths is that college professors are expert teachers and career coaches.

This simply isn’t true. The training and experience required to become a college professor relate to subject matter expertise. For example, your poly sci professors earned a PhD by studying nuanced poly sci issues. No one on earth knows more about those issues than these people.

However, they weren’t required to take education classes. Most faculty have little to no training in educational theory: the science and methods that help students learn. Sure, some motivated professors take this training, but most simply teach the material the way that they learned it. Their method may or may not be the best way for YOU to learn it.

That’s the problem that Intentional 101 hopes to solve for you.

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