College’s Best Kept Secret

We’re in Week 5, already finished with one third of the semester! We’ve passed through the “honeymoon” phase of newness and excitement over the unknown. We’re done with the first big grind of homework and quizzes. Midterms loom.

How are you doing?

Think back to the week before the semester.

Did you make yourself any promises? Maybe to start homework earlier, or actually read the textbook this time? It’s easy to visualize things going perfectly, each day a paradise of fun and learning. But now you’re in the thick of it and I bet your days don’t look quite like you hoped they would (mine don’t).

Issues that students tend to face this time of year:

  • Stress over being too busy. You’re juggling classes and extracurricular activities, homework and quizzes, midterms… so much to balance! You find yourself getting behind.
  • Stress over jobs for the summer. Career fairs are happening, people are writing resumes and cover letters. Everyone is trying to land their first job or internship!
  • Stress over money. You’re looking at that savings account and wondering if it will make it to the end of the semester. Will your part-time job cover the gap?

I’d like to tell you a secret that I learned in graduate school (and wish I learned a lot earlier):

[college doesn’t have to be stressful!!!]

Busy? Sure. Hard work? You bet. But stress? It does you no good. Let’s kill it.

I wanted you to know that I am working on a short online workshop for the Intentional Academy called “Midterm Rehab”. It’s going to happen in the next few weeks. The goal is to tackle the biggest causes of stress in college students’ lives: Time, Money, and Career.

Let’s get back on track!

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