What’s On Your Mind?

I’m writing this post on a Friday (Happy Friday!). Here’s my question for you:

What’s on your todo list that will nag at you all weekend if you don’t get it done?

List the unresolved tasks that are stressing you out. Next question:

Does this list match your original plan for what you were going to accomplish today?

For many of us (including me), all too often the answer is “no.”

It’s amazing, isn’t it? We have a list of open loops occupying our attentions, stressing us out. Yet these aren’t the things we plan to actually close today!

This post came to me because I have 3 things (probably 2 hours of work) that are causing me some stress, and none of them appear on my todo list today. Why? Because I have too many other things that I “HAVE to do.”

The antidote:

Realize that if the list of things that matters most to you isn’t what you’re planning on working on today, then you’re living today according to someone else’s agenda.

  1. Maybe you should figure out who.
  2. Can you find things on today’s original list that wouldn’t eat your brain this weekend if you put them off?
  3. If yes, replace them with the things that matter most to you.
  4. If no, start thinking about longer-term changes you can make to your list of commitments, because you’re committed to things that don’t matter MOST to you.

Woah. Pretty practical today.

I want you to have an amazing, playful, restful weekend. I want you to come back on Monday PSYCHED for the week ahead, not paying the penalty for leaving this week unresolved. Do the right things today!

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