Give me Legacy, not Luxury

I’ve been asked “why?” several times this week. Why did I start the Intentional Academy? Why do I wake up at 5am and work for free 2 hours every day?


When I first started, I learned an interesting lesson about #entrepreneurs. They love exotic cars and luxury watches. They have plans to be millionaires or financially independent by a certain time.

The desperate situation that most students face leads to a very sad consequence: an inward-focused mentality. When you have less than enough (or at least perceive that you do) you must focus your attentions on bringing in, providing for yourself. This grows into a longing for a day when you “won’t be broke anymore,” or “don’t eat ramen anymore,” or …

The next thing you know, you’re comparing yourself to the wealthy and thinking that the things they do and have are good goals for your life.


Give me legacy, not luxury.

I wake up and write things down because I want to help. I make these videos every day because someday my children will be able to watch them. Someday my GRANDCHILDREN will be able to watch them.

I could get hit by a bus today and my son will have a library of love and wisdom from his father. Lots of terminally ill people try to do this before it’s too late. Here’s a thought:

We’re all terminal!

Do you have any idea what I would give to see what my grandpa thought and experienced every day when he was my age?

Do you have any idea how disappointed his generation would be in us!? We have the most powerful communication tool in the history of our species in our pockets. We have access to the entirety of human knowledge 24/7. We can say anything to anyone, without asking permission. We can learn to be and do anything we want. And we use it to send emojis and GIFs and gripe about #firstworldproblems.

I’m documenting the journey.

I’m showing you how I built my success. But I don’t measure it in watches and cars. There is a world beyond me. A world full of needs that only I can meet. And I won’t rest until I’ve met that need for as many people as I can.

There is a world beyond you. A world full of needs that only you can meet. Don’t rest until you’ve met that need for as many people as you can.

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