Have you ever worked on a big project? Maybe for school? Maybe for work? Even binge-watching an entire TV series counts. When I finish a project, I have two strong feelings: (1) accomplishment at having completed a long-term effort, (2) “what’s next!?”

There’s a quote about “rolling stones” and “moss,” but you get the point: I can’t sit still long. When a project ends, I feel the void of accomplishment. The accomplishment tastes sweet, but I’m always looking for the next thing to dig into.

So what to do? Thrash.

We’re hyper-concerned with only trying things that we know will work. Ever get in the car to drive somewhere that you’re “pretty sure you know the way”? Did you put the GPS on just in case? What would have happened if you were off by 5 minutes?

There’s No GPS. We’re Thrashing.

Have you noticed that my posts over the last few weeks look like a brain dump of new project ideas? We’re looking for the next great way to get you the content you need to continue your Intentional Journey.

Have you noticed the change in pronouns?

From “I” and “my” to “we” and “our”? This idea is bigger than me. There’s a Team now. That team is thrashing. “How do we work together?” “What are our roles?” “What kind of content should we focus on?”


We’re committed to documenting our experience. We want to show you what Intentional Learning is all about. It’s messy, but amazing. We want to show you how we’re starting a business. We’re learning how to do that right now, and you’re invited to join us on that journey.

So stay tuned. If you have thoughts or questions, leave a comment. If this is meaningful to you, help us change the world by hitting those “like” and “share” buttons.

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