Coming Soon. The Intentional Academy: VLOG

ave you ever had a ‘life changing’ experience? Maybe it was a religious retreat. Or a summer camp. Or a medical crisis. Maybe you experienced a disaster. In the blink of an eye, you know you’ll never be the same.

Your life changes in the days, maybe even weeks that follow. You do more of something you promised yourself you’d do more of. You do less of something you promised yourself you’d do less of. But it always seems to fade. A month later, your life looks like it did before.

Why? Momentum.

The amazing thing about being a person is that you can decide to change in an instant. Think of something that needs to change in your life. Are you tired of putting it off? Commit. Right now. Ready? Bang. You just decided to change.


Your decision to change doesn’t actually change anything. That’s why you can find so many books, blogs, podcasts, courses, and coaches dedicated to “affirmations” and “habits.” You’ve got work to do, implementing a new behavior (or rooting out an old one).

The Intentional Academy wants to support as you do this.

We’re all about the follow through. One of the best ways to stay on fire, to keep yourself moving forward, is to see the dream in action. Regularly.

We’re shifting to a new format for these daily videos. We’re going to be capturing moments throughout the day, little experiences of intentional living, and assembling them into a daily vlog. The lessons are in there, but you’ll get to see them in action. You’ll get a behind the scenes view of what we’re all about.

Here’s a preview of where we’re headed:

(or just search for “YouTube Intentional Academy”)

Take look, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ll be posting regular content there soon. We’re learning: filming, editing, final production – all new skills for us. Have thoughts? Let us know. Want to help? We need it! Reach out.

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