Who Is the Intentional Academy For?

Yesterday I shared that we’re in a special time at the Intentional Academy. We’re on a quest to answer two questions: “What is the Intentional Academy?” and “Who is it for?”

There’s an educational principle called backward design. As common sense as it sounds, the principle isn’t applied very often. The basic idea is that we start with the intended outcome, and then work backwards to design experiences that cause a learner to grow and achieve it.

That principle applies here: before I can answer WHAT the Intentional Academy is, I need to determine the outcomes it is trying to create. I’ll also need to define WHO I’m guiding towards these outcomes. Then I’ll build the Intentional Academy to serve those people, and get them where they’re headed.

Today let’s answer the WHO question:

Go read The Intentional Learner’s Manifesto (yesterday’s post). After reading it, were you:

  • Tempted to argue? Did you rail against the ideas, talking about how the world “should” be? Did words like “fairness” come into your mind? Did you want to find other people who agree with you and start throwing rocks? Then the Intentional Academy isn’t for you. Not yet anyway.
  • Slightly angry, but mostly hopeful? Did you have trouble sitting down, feel an uncontrollable urge to DO SOMETHING. Did you want to be the person that the words describe? Did you start to believe that you COULD be that person? Did you want to connect to other people on the same journey so you could help each other grow? Then the sign up form is on this page and we can’t wait to meet you!

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