My Ideal Week: Schedule things that actually matter

During prep week I get four systems in place to help me win all semester. We already talked about the first two. My morning routine lets me start each morning with meaning and calm. My time budget gives the right amount of time to each of my areas of responsibility.

Today I’m going to tell you about the third tool, which I call my “Ideal Week.” Here, I schedule blocks of time on my calendar according to my time budget.

Some of these blocks are actual meetings and classes, things that I have to attend at a certain day and time. The rest of these blocks are appointments with myself, micro-commitments to spend the time I budgeted in the way I intended.

The real power of this schedule is that at any moment during the week, I’ve already decided what I should be doing.

When I finish with something, I don’t spend time or energy deciding what to do next. When I reach the end of a block, I stop working and move on to the next thing. The sense of flow that comes from always knowing that I am always doing the most important thing is incredible.

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