Almost Worthless (or how I completely changed my finances in 2 short years)

-$555. My household net worth (what we own minus we owe) is negative five hundred fifty five dollars today. 2 years ago this month it was about -$100,000. Not a bad turn around!

I turn 33 years old soon and next month’s paycheck will put me in the black for the first time in my life (not quite debt free, but we’re getting close!)

The Super Secret Formula for Wealth

People want to know how we did this. How did we pay off over $76,000 in just 24 months? There’s a very sophisticated super-secret formula for getting out of debt: live on less than you make! A second secret: stop borrowing money. You can’t get out of a hole if you keep digging it deeper.

Here’s to the last 2 years of PB&J, Broke Ass Chicken Parm (ask me if you want to know), cheap beer, date nights at home, saying ‘no’ to most fun things we’ve been invited to, and saying ‘yes’ to any work that pays extra!

And to my $1,400 minimum monthly payment from August 2015 I say: Go jump in a lake (if you don’t speak Southern, the closest translation is “go f@#$ yourself”)

If you’d like to learn how we got control of our finances and accomplished this massive turnaround, you should check out the free class I’m launching this month (Aug. 23, 2017). It’s mostly about your career, but getting your financial house in order is a critical part! We’re going to talk about your time, your money, and the specific things you can do to find and live your dream! Sign up for free at

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