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Here's a secret. People with engineering degrees don't necessarily make more than people with art degrees.

Ok. Maybe the averages speak differently. We certainly perceive engineers and scientists as high-earners. Meanwhile we perpetuate the "starving artist" stereotype. But the reason that the average engineering major out-earns the average artist has nothing to do with their degrees. Chihuly certainly out-earns the senior engineers at Ford.

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[Break Free] eBook Releases Wednesday – Here’s a Sneak Peek


We’ve all been there, a deer stuck in the headlights. Something startles or scares us so badly that we freeze, rooted in the path of the oncoming danger, unable to escape. At 13-years old I found myself rooted in a crosswalk while an oncoming car approached the intersection with no intention of stopping at the red light.

The next thing I remember is lying in a hospital bed several days later. I had been hit by a car while crossing a four-lane road. Miraculously, the only significant injury I sustained was a shattered arm. The friends who were with me said that I stopped and threw my arms up to block the car.

Too bad I didn’t get out of the way instead.

Neuroscientists tell us that in “fight or flight” situations our amygdala, aka “the lizard brain,” uses instinct to drive our behavior. The Lizard actually shuts down the rational part of our brains and shifts into autopilot to deal with the stress. Often instinct gets it wrong: moving out of the way of the car would have been much better than trying to ward it off with my arms.

[Stress makes you dumb. Break free from stress.]


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Breaking the Silence – Down With the Stress!

Hi everyone! I’m sure you’re starting to wonder where I have been. A few weeks ago I had multiple encounters with students who were stressed beyond breaking! Smart, talented students who were ready to drop classes, withdraw from the semester, or watch their grades plummet as they threw up their hands. “I’ve had enough! I give up.” We talked out some of their issues, and were able to make some meaningful progress toward digging out and feeling a sense of peace and control again.

Then I got mad. I mean M-A-D. Why does it have to be this way!?

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