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The end of the semester is a busy time. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. I wrote this eBook as a gift to you: it teaches you Four Tactics that will reduce your stress, help you regain control, and get more done. These aren’t theories. Real students are using these tactics. I use them myself. I wish I had learned them sooner!

Subscribe to the Intentional Academy Newsletter and I’ll give you a copy for free!

A few weeks ago I had multiple encounters with students who were stressed beyond breaking! Smart, talented students who were ready to drop classes, withdraw from the semester, or watch their grades plummet as they threw up their hands. “I’ve had enough! I give up.” We talked out some of their issues, and were able to make some meaningful progress toward digging out and feeling a sense of peace and control again.

Is your day filled with so much junk that you’re a candidate for Hoarders?

Why are countless students investing their life savings to come to a school only to end up defending themselves from the onslaught instead of doing what they came to do: learn. What happened to deep thinking, enlightened debates, wondering, exploring, finding passion?

Where are the wood-paneled rooms with leather armchairs that we saw in the movies?

We’ve traded the excellent for a lame imitation. When students chase a “piece of paper” more than learning, we know we’ve got it wrong. I’m tired of it!

It’s time to change, people

Why are you so stressed!?

Through it all, I identified four causes of stress and 4 tactics to overcome stress that students can apply TODAY. These are real life actions you can use to wrap up this semester. Trust me when I say these are not the typical tips you’ll find on some half-hearted website that’s really just trying to make money off of add revenue.

Busy doesn’t have to mean stressed. Broke doesn’t have to mean worried about money. College can be amazing, but you have to make it so. 

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